CIVITAS DEI aims first and foremost to give its members tools that will enable them to take part in a historical, intellectual and cultural discourse. It brings together an extraordinary community of people committed to advancing and transforming our understanding of the past of Jerusalem through innovative research. We aim to convey that knowledge to society today, in ways that will change ideas, contribute to vital wider conversations and help to navigate a wiser, more sustainable future. Understanding the past gives us the tools not only to find our bearings in the present, but also a methodological system with which to gaze into the future.

CIVITAS DEI is a cultural institution governed by Italian law, based in Florence with branches in Dubai and Jerusalem, that performs functions of public importance toward research, documentation and study in the fields of Hierosolimitan history and archeology, through the organization of conferences and seminars.
CIVITAS DEI produces editorial products, also in collaboration with international scientific institutions, dedicated to the enhancement of the historical, archaeological and cultural heritage of Jerusalem.